College Planning


College application season can be an exciting, busy, and intimidating time for any senior hoping to take the next step in their academic career. However, balancing schoolwork, sports, music lessons, part time jobs, and whatever else your student has going on, does not have to seem impossible! Our studio breaks the work down into manageable pieces in order to help save you time and frustration from the first minute of planning to the moment they hit  “Submit.”

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We can help your student:
  • Determine which schools would be a good fit based on their personality, learning style, academics, extracurricular interests, and social characteristics.
  • Manage the various admission requirements for each school by organizing the materials for each application, creating a timeline for completion, and prioritizing the work based on each college’s deadlines (including early action & early decision).
  • Develop application content that reflects their individuality and accomplishments.
  • Write their college essays, including Common Application and any supplemental material, from the planning stages through their drafts and final, polished pieces

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